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Welcome to our world! We are a premier Australian manufacturer of robust hoses, joints, and fittings based in Perth, Australia. We make the best industrial products for local and international markets throughout the APAC region. But INTAFLEX is also renowned for our superior service and excellent warranties. Whether you're building something big or fixing something small, we have all the products you need for performance and durability. Check out our guides to see how our products work and why they’re so good. So, if you are looking for a leading, proven supplier, let's chat.


Our company specializes in providing high-quality hoses and fittings for a wide range of applications. Through precision craftsmanship, we ensure reliability and efficiency. With an extensive selection of hoses, we are dedicated to meeting Australia's industrial hose needs with excellence.

composite hoses

INTAFLEX hoses are extensively used in the petroleum and chemical industries. The proprietary INTAFLEX design makes them robust and flexible.

Rubber Hoses

INTAFLEX hoses are manufactured to the highest quality standards for your peace of mind. Need something custom, let's chat.

metalic hoses

Manufactured strong to meet the needs of the toughest jobs, to save you money and keep your clients safe.

Expansion Joints

INTAFLEX specializes in top-quality expansion joints, ensuring durability and performance. Our expansion joints effectively accommodate movement, making us leaders in the joints market. Each of our expansion joints, crafted for various industries, stands for reliability. Excellence in manufacturing expansion joints has cemented our reputation among Australia's foremost joint suppliers.

metallic joint

Externally Pressurized Metal Expansion Joints allow more movement than any other bellows joint. The rugged design protects the bellows. Multiple sizes are available. INTAFLEX reliability and durability. Our expertly crafted fittings accommodate various industrial requirements, with metal fittings that exemplify our commitment to excellence. We're a trusted name in producing metal expansion joints that stand the test of time.

Fabric Expansion Joints

As you know, to get quality fabric expansion joints, you either have to pay a hefty price for replacements or go through the inconvenience of tearing up and replacing them. The INTAFLEX products come preassembled for easy installation. Each product ensures industry-grade resilience and flexibility, cementing the company's reputation as a leader in providing tailored expansion joint solutions for diverse industrial applications across Australia.

rubber expansion joint

Industrial rubber expansion joints can really protect your piping, in addition to preventing leaks and unintended movement during those hot, humid summer days. INTAFLEX expansion joints are excellent for all of your industrial needs. They make sure that even if you have compressed air blowing through a pipe, the rubber expands with it – ensuring safety without sacrificing performance. Our Australian-made rubber expansion joints ensure top-quality performance, reflecting our commitment to excellence in hose and fitting solutions.

Fittings, Accessories and Special Services

Fittings and accessories

Our high-quality hose fittings and accessories are some of the best available. Our inventory showcases premier fittings, ensuring robust connections for various applications. Crafted with precision, these Australian accessories enhance hose systems, offering unparalleled reliability and performance in demanding industrial environments. You will save money in the long run. Our fitting rarely has quality issues, and in the rare event that something were to go wrong, we'll take care of you.

workshop 1

Keep your business running smoothly. INTAFLEX custom fabrication products are made with the best components and materials- quality you can trust, straight from our warehouse. We deliver locally and internationally.

Our products are customised to your unique situation, produced, and tailored for the industry. Our service adapts to our client's needs, ensuring each hose, fitting, or joint meets stringent quality standards. We embrace flexibility and expertise; let's chat about your needs.


We have decades of experience and will help consult you make wise decisions. We offer custom hose fittings and joints consulting to meet your specific needs. Our expertise ensures that you'll receive personalized advice for your hose fittings and joints, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your unique applications.

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