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INTAFLEX Fittings and Accessories:

Fittings and accessories are essential to any successful work site. Our company offers various fittings and accessories, like PVC and steel wire hose guards, Dry brake couplings, valves, and a comprehensive range of camlocks threaded fittings and hose lifting slings.

We have a full range of composite hose fittings, scroll camlocks and crimp ferrules, seals available in various materials.

We also provide dry break couplings so you don't have worries about mixing incompatible piping systems when performing repairs during emergencies. It's important not only have reliable supplies but be prepared for unexpected

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Benefits for You and Your Organization

Our customers love how we help them and their organisations with:

products that are safe and are durable

products that increase the bottom line

simple onboarding and account setup

easy billing

efficient shipping

helpful customer service

Consulting & finance research

We have an entire team that can consult with you and make specific recommendations based on your specific needs.

Strong business plan requires experience

We have decades of combined experience, reach out, we'd love to chat.

Attract and attain high quality paying customers

We'll help you attract and maintain client relationships by ensuring you stay out of bad publicity caused by inferior products malfunctioning.

Business analysis

Tempted to go for the cheapest fittings and accessories? Big mistake!

INTAFLEX will save you money over time

You have less repairs and maintenance costs

You have to order less frequently saving admin and shipping costs

You'll have less safety issues, thus saving money

You'll have higher customer satisfaction ratings, and return customers

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