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Metallic Expansion Joints: Engineered for Performance and Durability

Leading Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Expansion Joints and Bellows

INTAFLEX is one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel expansion joints and bellows in Australia. With over two decades of experience in the design and manufacture of metal expansion joints and bellows, we offer a complete range of solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Solving Challenges in Piping Systems

Metallic expansion joints and bellows are engineered to solve problems of thermal growth, pressure pulsation, or vibration in piping systems. These specialized products help eliminate such issues, ensuring your systems remain operational and efficient.

Comprehensive Range of Metal Expansion Joints and Bellows

At INTAFLEX, we offer a diverse range of metallic expansion joints and bellows, including:

  • Single unrestrained expansion joints
  • Single restrained expansion joints
  • Universal unrestrained expansion joints
  • Universal restrained expansion joints
  • Externally pressurized expansion joints
  • Hinged expansion joints
  • Double hinged expansion joints
  • Gimbal expansion joints
  • Double gimbal expansion joints
  • Jacketed expansion joints
  • Exhaust bellow expansion joints
  • Multiply expansion joints
  • Tied single expansion joints
  • Tied universal expansion joints

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Applications

Our metal expansion joints are designed to withstand a wide range of applications, temperatures, and pressures, providing the capacity to absorb thermal growth in piping systems (axial, lateral, or angular). Each expansion joint is custom-engineered and manufactured to suit your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Expertise and Technical Support

At INTAFLEX, we pride ourselves on our technical expertise and engineering support. Our team of experienced professionals will assist you in determining the best metal expansion joint or bellow product to meet your unique needs, ensuring a seamless integration into your systems.

Quality and Compliance

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, INTAFLEX proudly supports the following industrial standards: API 690, ANSI B 16.34, MSS SP-43 (2010), MSS SP-75, and BS4558/BSI. Our commitment to quality and compliance ensures that our products meet the highest industry standards.

Why Choose INTAFLEX?

When you choose INTAFLEX, you're partnering with a manufacturer that understands the importance of quality, durability, and custom solutions. We offer:

  • Manufacturer-direct pricing for cost-effective solutions
  • Tough and durable metal expansion joints designed for commercial operations
  • Tailored solutions engineered for your specific systems
  • Vast array of expansion joint products in stock for timely delivery
  • Distribution service with expertise across various industries

Experience the INTAFLEX Advantage

Contact us today to learn more about our range of metallic expansion joints and bellows, and discover how our tailored solutions can benefit your organization. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect product to meet your unique requirements.

Why Purchase from INTAFLEX?

Customers looking to purchase from us know that they are dealing directly with a manufacturer. We do not outsource any of our product manufacturing or engineering services to third parties. This gives us the flexibility to engineer custom products specifically for your application – whether it is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or end uses. Our distribution service has given us the experience to provide the best solution for your needs.


We carry a vast array of expansion joint products in stock at all times, giving you peace of mind knowing we can deliver on time. Our wide range of products is offered across various industries and is designed to help our customers maintain their systems. 


Contact us today for more details regarding our range of products and our distribution service.


 International Manufacturing Capacity:

INTAFLEX is an ISO-9001:2008 Certified Company that proudly supports the following industrial standards: API 690, ANSI B 16.34, MSS SP-43 (2010), MSS SP-75, and BS4558/BSI.

Countries we Service





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Industries we Service
  • Food and Beverage
  • Dairy
  • Breweries     
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants  
  • Sugar MillsPetrochemical & Energy Industries    
  • Oil Refineries  
  • Pharmaceuticals    
  • Power Generation Plants  
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Industrial Process Piping Systems      
  • Pulp & Paper    
  • Shipbuilding    
  • Textile Manufacturers
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants    
  • Metal FabricatorsMarine Services, Dockside Facilities and Transportation
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