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Flexible Hoses and Assemblies

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Flexible Hoses and Assemblies

INTAFLEX flexible hose has a complete range from high-end Industrial rubber Hose to light-duty PVC hose. With wide operating pressure ranges, long-lasting durability, and high-performance transfer capabilities.

INTAFLEX flexible hose and Accessories provide excellent fluid transfer solutions for a variety of applications and industries.


Our professional and well-trained employees are focused on supporting you! Our reputation of quality in products and service keep our customers coming back again and again.

Benefits for You and Your Organization

Our customers love how we help them and their organisations with:

products that are safe and are durable

products that increase the bottom line

simple onboarding and account setup

easy billing

efficient shipping

helpful customer service

Common Uses

Typical applications for Flexible Hose include:

  • Petroleum pipes 
  • Chemical pipes
  • Printing and food processing equipment
  • Water supply and control systems
  • Hydraulics
  • Air and gas handling systems
  • Industrial process piping Refineries & oil terminals
  • Environmental equipment  
  • Electrical distribution systems: 
  • Power generation, mining, pulp & paper; 
  • Process applications including paper mills, chemicals, pharmaceuticals. 
  • Pneumatic components for air tools such as impact wrenches and blowguns. Industrial truck suspension lifts, air springs, and vehicle thrust levelers. 
  • It is ideal for corrosive liquid applications with a highly abrasive product such as chemicals, oils, acids, caustics, and flammable liquids. 

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Countries We Service





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Internationally we service and supply Flexible Hose, which can transport gases and liquids in the process industries, including mining, oil & gas, petrochemicals, power generation, marine services, and specialty chemicals. INTAFLEX can supply hose in a range of materials from low-pressure PVC hose to High-pressure rubber and stainless braided hose. We service the oil and gas, mining, space, aerospace, and chemical industries.

Why Our Flexible Hose Assemblies Make Business and Financial Sense

We are here to boost your mission and values. To make you look like the hero to your customers. Through the following:

Positive ROI implications

Great Service

Top safety standard

We service Your location

Keep compliant – Less Legal troubles

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