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Fabric Expansion Joints

INTAFLEX Fabric Expansion Joints

No matter what the material, there are no limitations when it comes to our expansion joint capabilities. 


They are designed to withstand different applications, temperatures, and pressures and provide the capacity to absorb the thermal growth of a piping system (axial, lateral, or angular). 


Each expansion joint is designed and manufactured to suit the individual customer’s requirements. 


Our technical experience and engineering support can assist you in determining the best product to suit your needs. 

Benefits for You and Your Organization

Our customers love how we help them and their organisations with:

products that are safe and are durable

products that increase the bottom line

simple onboarding and account setup

easy billing

efficient shipping

helpful customer service


Contact us to discuss your project. We have decades of combined experience to ensure your project is successful.

Strong quality and safety reputation requires experience

We have all the systems, manufacturing quality standards and experience to help you keep your reputation in tact and ensure safety for your customers.

International Clients

Clients throughout the AsiaPac region trust INTAFLEX to meet their hosing and joints needs.

Business analysis

Going for the cheapest supplies and equipment is very short sighted. It may save some cents up front, but cost dollars in the long run. Our quality, safety and customer service will save you in the short to medium term.

Our industry experience will save you money on your projects

Our Fabric expansion joints are manufacted to meet or exceed all safety standards

Call us for a consulting call

We help companies become more profitable

Customer satisfaction for you and us matters

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